Empowering Mommy Favorite: B. toys Critter Clinic

I have noticed that in my house many electronic toys are cool in the box and for the first 30 minutes of playtime but after that they sit on a shelf and never come out to play again. I have been leaning more and more towards quality made non electronic toys that encourage creative play because generally these toys bring hours of play and really stretch their imaginations.

B. toys Critter Clinic was a creative play toy that has become a family favorite.  The Critter Clinic and the kid’s wooden train set are the most played with toys in my house right now.

The set comes with the vet clinic, a stuffed dog, a stuffed kitten, many vet supplies and a set of keys.  The keys and the cages on the vet clinic are the best part of this whole set because it really works with fine motor skills, cause and effect, and their imaginations.

The first thing Gracie (age 3) was attracted to was the keys and the fact that she could open the doors with it.

Gabriel (age 2) loved pulling the animals out of the cages after Gracie unlocked the doors.

Once the animals were out of their cages, both kids loved playing “doctor” to their sick animals.

Say “ah” kitty.

After the kids are done playing with the Critter Clinic, the animals are locked in their cages and all of the vet equipment stores in the roof of the clinic.  The keys can also dangle on the hook on the outside of the clinic but we prefer to put them in the roof so they don’t accidentally fall off.  Gracie does sometimes lock individual pieces of the vet equipment into the other rooms that the kitty and puppy are not residing in.

There are few toys that both of my kids can play together and have fun with but the Critter Clinic fits into that rare category.  Not only is it a favorite, provides hours of play, but they have more fun playing it together than they do on their own.  You can find this adorable toy at Target, Target.com, or specialty stores.  Target carries it for $21.99 right now and I think it is a great price for a toy that holds up well to play and provides hours of play time.

Disclosure:  I was provided a sample free of charge for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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